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Blake Bouquets

Blake Bouquets stands out as an independent flower store with a distinctive approach to providing customers with a touch of luxury.

At the heart of our collaboration with Blake was a commitment to empowering customers with the freedom to curate their own bouquet colours and styles.

Every facet of brand creation, from inception to execution, was meticulously curated by Storm and Culture.


This encompassed the entire spectrum of brand development, including naming, logo design, packaging, colour schemes, marketing materials, and the overarching creative direction

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The Blake Bouquets wordmark, a cornerstone of this brand identity, boasts a clean and quirky design, striking a balance between modernity and bespoke elegance. The result is a refined, luxurious aesthetic that not only sets Blake Bouquets apart but also captures the essence of personalized floral experiences for our discerning clientele.

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Web Design


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